LGBTQ+ Psychotherapy

I offer support to people who identify themselves as LGBT, or are somewhere in the middle. Coming to terms with your sexuality, your gender or sexual orientation, homophobic attitudes or internalised homophobia can be a very lonely and difficult journey that can affect you in ways you may be not aware of. The psychological distress of discrimination, regardless of how subtle it may manifest, can have a devastating effect on your well-being and can trigger thoughts, feelings and behaviours particularly challenging and leading to excruciating doubts and moments, if not openly self-disruptive.

LGBTQ flag

For some individuals, the sources of mental distress are all encompassing. They can affect all aspects of your life, including self-esteem, relationships and even your career choices. Rejection of any sort is too often experienced and the feeling of having something wrong can be the reason why you feel to need support.

Through a safe and non-judgemental relationship, we will de-construct some of those ideas and work towards self-acceptance and self-affirmation. Confidentiality and Safety are basic terms within we will work.

By exploring your current issues and linking it to your earliest experiences, we will identify patterns and reasons lying behind your current situation and finally work towards strategies able to free yourself from unnecessary issues.

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How does LGBT Psychotherapy works?

In the first session I will ask questions regarding yourself and the issue that made you ask for Psychotherapy. Subsequently, the focus of the Psychotherapy will be to understand the current situation you are in. I provide an open, non-judgemental and confidential environment where I will offer empathy and skilled understanding.

Sessions take place once or twice a week and last 50 minutes. You can engage in psychotherapy for as long as you feel it will be useful.