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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an opportunity to focus entirely on yourselfyour issues and your reality within a safe and confidential therapeutic relationship. Through the therapeutic alliance we will explore in-depth your issue with the aim of initiating and enhancing the change. Together, we will look at the source of the problems and how they are impacting on your life, thoughts and feelings.  

Reflecting on the issue and working on a slight change of perspective will help you to understand better your feelings and your thoughts. I can facilitate lifestyle changeshelp identify underlying causes of symptoms, and provide specific strategies or techniques for changing unwanted thoughts, behaviours or emotions. Through therapy, people gather tools to manage symptoms, alleviate stress, and face challenges.

The exploration of your early experiences and your current situation helps me understand and feel the world as you do.

How does Psychotherapy work?

In the first session I will ask questions regarding yourself and the issue that made you ask for psychotherapy. Subsequently, the focus of the psychotherapy will be to understand the current situation you are in. I provide an open, non-judgemental and confidential environment where I will offer empathy and skilled understanding.

Sessions take place once or twice a week and last 50 minutes. You can engage in psychotherapy for as long as you feel it will be useful.


I am offering the first session at the fixed price of £40, the cost of the subsequent sessions will be discussed during the first.

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